Sunday, May 14, 2006


This is my latest "wip" model for my new reel. He is a wolfman dude he's easy going, like's folk music and never says no to a quick bite Grrrr!!!!

Another maya base mesh to zbrush model created listing to star wars eps 1 duel of the fates and
wagner's ride of the valkyries. He is based of the sketch I did in the last post. hope you like him updates to come there is still loads to do to him eek!


CGMarshall said...

Nice work man, The size of the arms is working well thought that would be difficut to do from the sketch, and the fat neck muscle works to. look forward to the update.


Gavin said...

Now thats what am talkin about!

Fukkin A bubba! works well dude.

I love that nice red too.

ken said...

this is class, your modelling is amazing dude

gonna give him fur????? wa hahahaha!

Kevin Dalton said...

amazingg models man i hope that sometime in your free time you could give one of my drawings some model love!

you got some talent, dunno why u haven't got a job yet if u dont.