Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No NET of a month what !

Hey dudes and dudettes thats me back online thank god for that and taking some time out to make a new reel (aka the edinburgh studio closed SHEEEET!) So right now as we speak im whipping up some new models for my reel , which is fun but bloody hard!.

This guy is called monkey slash fish lips and he is totally horrible! that what i was going for

Wolfman concept I have just started model this character I thinking about taking down a simon bsley route and make him totally HUGE!! but I have realised the modeling ripped people is well hard but i be fine eek!!


CGMarshall said...

monkey slash fish lips, i had a girl friend that looked like that. hehe. looking good man.

Your drawing tho... is outstanding! very very impressed. three thumbs up for that.

Sam Rowan said...

cheer man but realised it looks like yiffi art hahahaha

Gavin said...

orite doood

i'll agree wiv chris and say nice sketch, but i dont dig the ears - looks a bit like bunny ears to me...
but maybe thats just me?


klingatron said...

that sick how your making a 3D self portait and the sketch is well sick.
i think i remember that girlfriend chris, i believe you went out with her in first year of unil.

ken said...

these are well cool. amazing! love the wolf man

whats that bout the edinburgh studio?

Andrew Sommerville said...

Yea Chris, what was that girlfriend's second name again?