Tuesday, May 16, 2006

monkey magic

spent a little time on the textures and the shader. finally got the sss shader to work turned out it was an area light that was missing with the chi , this is about 20% done long road ahead whoo hoo


CGMarshall said...

i will keep this simple.
i looked at your blog and got a fright... that actally made me catch my breath when i looked at it. i dont want to go over the top but,
yea, sam... its ripping.

klingatron said...

fuckin hell mate you are one ugly bastard.

man it loks amazing, i would sit back from my computer n go, 'shit i'm good'

Sam Rowan said...

cheers guy , but it far for finished i have lots more ming to add yet :)

ken said...

this is cooool... kinda creepy. Looks like a real head too