Sunday, May 21, 2006

Unwilling Loyalty

UPdated !!!! by chris's demand!!
I started the piece a few days ago to produce some new portfolio work to help me get a new post
The idea developed as I progressed. I liked the idea of a General but then it turned toward a person forced to serve his worlds Dictator (You know the deal).
I started with a base mesh, took it in to zbrush, sculpted, textured and then rendered it in maya with mental ray. Then I did some ps work using filters to get the grime look that I wanted.
Hope you guys like it, C&C welcome. I think I'm going to do the Dictator some time. I think he will have a big ass monocal!


CGMarshall said...

Stunning! I feel a sorry for the freak. His left eye looks Bang on, it looks like its actually oily and greasy, I can see him moving it looks so life like. the purple tinge on the skin is a good call aswell, Kinda like brooses or infected nasty skin, yet i still feel for the boy. haha. Top dollar.

In my opinion the Hitler Hawk isnt working for me, the idea is Kick ass, love it, but it looks like its been popped on in photoshop, if there was a subtle soft light just showing more of the right side of the face it would help the viewer grasp the shape, ---- in short the eye looks like its pointing to far out.

Just my opinion


Sam Rowan said...

Right boyo what you think I see what you mean about the whole photoshoping look i hate that so a did some tweaking added some more light on the right side plus i blured the eagle abit to move back from the cut and paste look i was getting .It is a render it just a got carried away with the brush hehe . what you think now?

CGMarshall said...

Yea that does look better, very subtle. but sets it back. cool.

ken said...

amazing! this is cool, agree with chris, that left eye looks very real. Tis freakin me out. (shudder)


looking forward to seeing the dictator

Gavin said...

Very cool sam - I like the hitler hawk eyeball thing - good job on editing out the broken cross too :)

Man his lips are especially horrible!

Keep it up dude


Anonymous said...
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Alina Chau said...

V awesome models!