Wednesday, May 31, 2006

digic do it again!

these dude are totally ruling just no digic pictures

they are producing some really nice game cinematic over there in hungray. I know were the hell is that but hey if they have the skill to pay the bill look at axis they are in scotland WTF!

anyway a new update just finishing up a new stylish charater it a steven silver design , i think ill do some little animation too stay tuned
that all folks


Gavin said...

Holy crap!

Thats REALLY REALLY amazing.

good find bigcheese.

CGMarshall said...
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CGMarshall said...


Man that was kick ass, amazing game cinematic.
liked the big chaos beasts with his ink smoke very cool.
Blog is looking top dollar.

Sam Rowan said...

uhh were did i steal the links from hahahahaha darkness


ken said...

this is class! wow!! is it yours sam? Im confused

u said summit about a stepehn silverish design? is that still to be posted?


Sam Rowan said...

YEAH the steven silver guy is about 905 finish on the modeling front but i still have to uv texture and rigg the we dude

i wish this was mine but no it made by a compant called Digic

ken said...

ah cool! looking forward to the update

stephen Silver said...

great work, looking forward to seeing the design