Sunday, June 04, 2006

"pumped up mutant dog man"

I was not going to going to post him till he was finished but here is an update.
im going to repose soon plus i have been working on a bit of fan art "I know sad" but I have just finished modeling one of my toys "I know childish" its jay for the animated series clerks a steven silver design. rigging him right new :) later


ken said...

this is class. Amazing anatomy! respect dude. respect. looking forward to seeing it finsihed

Helena said...

Hi Sam, & you tell me my Blog is weird. *chortle*
This guy looks a bit de-sexed? I'd look as mad as him too in that case.
We have the WETA workshop here in New Zealand - you might know the work from Lord of The Rings movies?
Looks a bit your style of thing.

arron Lindsay said...

this boi is sweet made! good design!!

E said...

z brush?!