Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back once again like the Renegade Master

Long time no see, I thought I would be posting more since I came to new zealand but No!
As always I get obsessed with other things and forget about my passion.

I find it really hard to by creative after a 10 shift at work especially if you have been sculpting all day. I'm not complaining it rocks!

I have been trying really hard to find time to finish old projects so here are some. I hate post wips I'm not happy with but my friend hamish beachman(sits beside me at work) constantly reminds me that I'm not posting enough, so here it is.

Here is a study of my good friend Henry south. Again I think I did this about 2 years ago. I might pick this guy up. I have always thought henry has a awesome face. He looks like a guy for star wars. One day he may become a jedi.

It started out as a head speed sculpt ages ago. I have decide to finish him completely! and may be get him printed.
I'm really enjoying the freedom of doing creatures of my own, you can really just do want you want.

well see you in six months



Henry South said...

i ... am so fucking famous.

ive been wanting to see more for ages and ages! and i love it. skate and destroy!

Kristian said...

He's BAAAAcckkkk! And what a killer sculpt. I hope all is well. Keep em' coming bro!

Bryan Wynia said...

Great new work. I love the head on this alien. The forms on the dude's face are incredibly solid as well.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Hey ,I know this guy.:o)
Lovely work Sam!:o)

Henry South said...

i am so getting a mask/haircut. i would make a kick ass jedi.

SHOo said...

Awesome post Sam! Definitely worth the wait! ;)