Sunday, June 14, 2009

lazy post

Here are some wips I have been messing about with. I'm so bad at lighting.
The models are far from finished just messing about on the river.

The company I work for was nice enough to start a in house life drawing session.
here is a 10 min sketch I did.



Kristian said...

sign me up!

Kristian said...

awesome sketch, sam

Philippe Gaulier said...

Cool sketch Mr Rowan. :)

We should go to the next Dr Sketchy session!

Matt P said...

Nice work man - are these real clay then or 3D sculpts? The Ahab style character on yer banner is awesome too!


steve molyneaux said...

Dude...that lighting is great!! Even people think its clay.
Great work matey.

Marco Bucci said...

awesome sculpt!

Ken said...

nice sculpt and sketch dude.

Hey, where did you do your sculpture course in Florence? Was it the Florence academy? Did they offer drawing courses also?

executeyk said...

This sculpt is wonderful- did you ever finish?

mario ucci said...

This is a bloody fantastic sketch. Do more. NOW!