Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This last week has rocked! finally got my pc to london and since the summer has started to show itself.
I bought myself a long board purly for cruising the streets of capital city!

oh and here is a small concept scuplt of a character I'm going to model after kev's "star racer"

(sorry about the photo quality)


arron Lindsay said...

great characters man!!! i would luv ti see yi go one o those boards!! some speed yi must get! take it easy dont kill yer self!!!

keep posting so we know whats been happenin neebz!

look out for my work in next saturdays Times!! in the body and soul section!!

peeace big yin!

klingatron said...

mate it is amazing to see that you'll be bloggin on the regular again.

amazing character you have started working on there, looking forward to seeing the progression of that one.

and a long board, maaaaaaaaaate THAT'S HOT.

Kristian Antonelli said...

brother you are one killa sculptor!
beautiful work. do you make these wonders with sculpey or real clay