Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Battle against the world

Man the last few months has been a constant battle with time, still without my pc, so no new models.
I have been having to go old school. Can't wait to get back in to the old routine of blogging.
Im totally bogged down with work these days,I'm posting for work now and its like 22.37.
But it does mean I can dig out some clips of my favourite cartoon samuria jack :) it better than nothing.



klingatron said...

oh my god a new blog, about time. get back in to it my friend and lets see what has been happening in london

Shimuzu said...

lol! I know the feeling. Work schmurk! Always gets in the way. Not having a PC is like having your bollocks chopped off? Hope you get back on the smooth and narrow soon enough. All the best, Matt.

PS thanks for comment on my blog! Must update it sometime.