Friday, July 28, 2006

"the modern man" Been pretty busy searching for work. few companies asked if I was comfortable with modeling photo realistic people, I said yeah but i have nothing Polished to show. So here is a wip photo realistic man, Base mesh modelled in modo and detailed in zbrush (thats zbrush screen grab). I think I'm going to turn him in to muay thai boxer. I'm going to push myself to bloody texture this dude and put him in a scene. I'm going to go back to chase and texture him too sometime.
Looking forward to finishing this dude because after him am finally going back to my routes with a stylized character. I'm very lucky to say that I'm collaborating with Kevin Dalton

He has done a real top dollar design ,orthos and pose sheets lovin it. Pissed off I really want to start it but getting work is number one on the to do list and they want photo realistic people.

“we want soldiers with big ass guns” which is cool but dalts design is fresh!!!

one clue “StarRacer”....

Rowcorp Over and Out !


St John Street said...

Great model Sam!!

Kevin Dalton said...

no problems man work before pleasure.

jack of all trades you are. you got the high realistic stuff down and the stylized.

hope your work hunt is going well!

ken said...

as i said on eatpoo, great modelling skillz!

although.... i think hes apprx 1.5 heads too short



klingatron said...

jeezus big yin, you have got the skills to thrill. with this type of talent i guarentee that you will be head hubted by the big dawgs ( i ain't meaning tim westwood n his crew)
this looks really pro