Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DAH DAH !!!!

The first draft of my new reel is done. I have been rendering for weeks so boring. hope you like it, the compression made it a bit jumpy in bits so sorry ,i'll need to fix it some hooooo.

While I was rendering I took the chance to leave my little room to explore the surrounding area. I did not grow up here so it all new eye candy for me. In true tin tin style I brought along my wee mate bengee.

modor! Next time im going to bring my gear and climb these badboys. I might video it so you can see me fall. many things said in jest


Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

well i didnt expect to be found through cgtalk, probably through my buddies blog, haha. if you remember you ll have to let me know where that was.

you are one insane modler!!(a good insane!!) wow, i thought about getting into modeling but then i realized theres people like you out there!! do you do alot of video games?

great blog!!!

St John Street said...

Tired to peek the demo reel but the net won't let me will try again I'm sure it looks great though well thanks so much for the super kind words bro just trying to improve as time marches on hope all is well take care!!

Kevin Dalton said...

love the demo reel man best wishes on your job hunt ou deserve the best, and what a beautiful area too i wish i had that in my backyard.

peacee out

Sam Rowan said...

thanks guys means alot!

Dalt hopefully I'll get some time this week to spend on speedracer.knee deep in cvs right now i fucking hate printers!

klingatron said...

Had a wee peek at ye ol' reel. It all looks off the chains mate, seriously, you deserve to get noticed for your talent as a modeler ma dawg. A good eye for detail thats for sure.

peace big cheese

ken said...

awsome reel man!!! and one cool dog!

good luck wi job stuff

Ken :D

Cale Atkinson said...

Hey Sam sweet Reel!
I couldn't decide which I wanted more, to see each of those killer models to begin animating or to have them as statues on my desk!

Good luck on the job hunt! Whatever studio you end up with will be lucky to have you!

Rebecca Barnett said...

heya sambo, lovin the rocky lord of the rings style photos, Got some pretty sweet places like that down here in fern gulley. Good luck gettin a job, i'm sure you'll be swept up by someone soon enough you tallented wee bean! Nice work! B x