Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hi guy been working hardcore at work not been posting well here is my lastest and last scuplture for a while till i get some space to work in not cooked yet but hope you like later.


Gavin said...

glad to hear your enjoying work bigcheese, lovely sculpture, if this is your last one you did at GSA then its a good one to finish on.

Cna you give us some more info? dimensions and is this water based clay?

speak to ya soon


klingatron said...

now id buy that for a dollor

ken said...

this is cool man, very nice

how does sculpture class work? is it like life drawing - but with clay?

you gonna keep up the sculpture in ed?

Anonymous said...

Great! Nice to see a bit of sculpture alongside the digital stuff. Top gun sculptor.

Sgt Donnelly