Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here is my lastest model I have been working on . not my design some dude called Paul Richards he is pretty ripping worked on quake. I'm trying to get some more realistic stuff in my reel to show natural gesture and form.


arron Lindsay said...

sweet model mate! Is your brother still wanting a dog drawing?

CGMarshall said...

oh man that looks smeert. makes me think of star wars stuff.


Gavin said...

yes. i like the feeling of "form" and "Gesture" in this. heh heh.

only jestin. aye well gid man - is this a zbrush effort or maya? or BOTH??



ken said...

nice :)

is it nurbs? or polys?

Andrew Sommerville said...

img src=""

Uh oh... Here comes the MAW'S CLAW!!!