Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saaaaay What oh not you didn't!

Can you believe it , Its like I'm posting regularly, like in a real blog.
Worked super long hours this week so no colour studies but I did set myself a challenge to sculpt something in an hour. Well it took 2, here it is 

And I recorded it BOOM BABY !!!
Well I lost the first hour (stupid zbrush/ probably my fault ) but here is the last one

Please excuse the topical choice of music. 

props to the new blogging edit its so much easier now.

peace ooot



mario ucci said...

Hey Sam,

Beautiful work and so good to see your process. I just got zbrush 4 so this is gold for me. I am loving your 2d work with photos. The realistic edge is right there.

Hope all is good with you man.


Pat Imrie said...

This is great! Always love seeing how others work in Zbrush. Great sculpt and what's the music? That's proper chilling out music right there!


Henry South said...

holla homeslice, i second mario on that, awesome to see you posting again man, its been too long!

Philippe Gaulier said...

Nice one, I want the same haircut!

Sam Rowan said...

oh cheers guys
might be a whole till my next post works went to 70 hours and I'm to london in a week .whoo hooo !!!