Sunday, April 03, 2011

colour study 1

I hold my hands up I suck at digital painting FACT !
 At art school since I was in the animation dep, I never really painted that much after first year. I regret not learning to paint. My friend Philippe Gaulier gave me a folder of about 30 images, god know how long ago. The aim is to try and copy the image as fast as possible, in around 15-30 mins.
The goal is to hopefully learn a little about light and colour, plus speed up :).

Ok here is today's. Pretty crap but hopefully we'll see an improvement as time goes by. 
I'm using painter and stopped at 30 mins.

peace out


Mark Montague said...

Wow! Il s'agit d'un super blog, avec beaucoup de superbe travail.

Philippe Gaulier said...

Hey Sam, I didn't think you keep the pics after all this time! Nice start, makes me want to go snowboarding :)
Looking forward to seeing some new stuff.