Friday, April 04, 2008

Colours on the ds

I have been pretty busy preping my reel and reworking my website.
I'll hopefully have my new reel out sometime after Narnia probably Julyish

30 mins

This is a lunch time sketch I did at work. I took it home and reworked it to
a sculpt for my girlfriend "emily", I'' post that when its done.

On the tube on a nintendo DS
I bought a chip for my ds that lets me play load of cool games on it
I have streets of rage, golden axe and the app called colours
Its really basic but that good because that means less choice and you can get on with it :)
I going to try and do a few a week , Its on step nearer a cintiq.


Ken said...

Ive heard good things about that colours app. Might need to get me a ds.

Philippe Gaulier said...

That`s cool, it feels good sometimes to live in a world where computers are not the size of your living room any more.
I`m thinking of getting a DS just for the painting software.
Keep up the sketching!


Matt P said...

Cheers dude. Your skinny man model is awesome!!

BTW how did you find me blog?