Thursday, August 09, 2007

Full Circle

What do I mean by full circle ?

Well Its been about 2 years since I started this blog.
In that time there have periods when I have posted lot and posted little.
At one time I considers this an art blog.

Over the last 10 months,My efforts on the artistic and blog front have been pitiful to be honest.
Alot has been down to circumstance and my laziness.
Not having a pc and no direct internet access has not helped either.
So what has been taking up my free time I hear you ask?

The world of Visual Effect and London of course.

Since I have moved I have had the chance to work on three major feature films such as

10,000 BC ( mpc did all the shots with the mammoths) I mostly did environment/prop modelling.

Then came Fred Claus. Me and two other guys were on “fred” for most of the duration of the show,
I was lucky enough to work on a large percentage of
the digital doubles elves and on the North pole ice Environment .

Quite recently I have moved on to narnia 2 :Prince Caspian,
right now making more digi doubles which is really really cool !!!
So I have not been completely lazy

Hopefully now I'm a bit more settled I can get back in to posting every week and finish of some old projects.

Signing off Rowan


klingatron said...

duuuude a long blog that lasts more than just a line or two....amazing. keep it up even though we all know that you're a lazy sod. i for one want to see what you have been up to down south.

Ken said...

awesome man! welcome back to blogging. Ill look out for your name in the credits of all those films! Hope London is treating ya well, cool pic, more more

ken :D

Emma said...

Ha, Narnia, cool. Thanks for the comment - I draw good for a girl? >_> :D

Anonymous said...