Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cloth Test

Here is a test I did for a Games company.


St John Street said...

Looking good man but I'm not dpe on the pc like u hope all is well bro keep it goin!!!

Tom said...
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Tom said...

Hey sam,

Looking awesome as usual. I managed to get my hands on z brush 2 in the last few days so I'm gonna make it mission to learn how to use it this week :)

I finally got broadband so my blog is up and running. Check out my model of Kenny's character blub.

I wanted to do something really cartoony ,completely different in style before I started going crazy with z brush :)

Keep up the good work man

ken said...

yo this is looking great, very realistic. very very coooool

joto said...

lovin the details in the shirt, I've seen some things done in ZBrush but not wrinkles in clothing. Lookin good.

Anonymous said...

lovely folds and stuff.
Doesn;t your head hurt working with that much geometry?!

klingatron said...

are they making a wet t-shirt computer game.

only joking ma dawg, looks well good and like everyone else i love your attention to detail, asways a winner in my opinion. should be interesting to see your next post