Monday, June 12, 2006

This is a wee early sketch of a character I'm going to make called chase. I did not want to do a soldier because ever one dose soldiers bit boring.I'm quite excited about the techincal modeling because i really need the practice.Hopefully Ill get him textured as well
I liked some of the designs in final fantasy v11 so that gave some inspiration but the film was one of the biggest piles of utter crap i have seen. its so bad it not even good.


Gavin said...

Yum yum

lookin forward to it ya bas


Rebecca Barnett said...

hiya smelly!

check you and your lovely cg art! beautiful ;) maybe you could next sketch a certain tutor finding her ruby??!!

hic xx

Sam Rowan said...

hic your alive ! nice photo pffff good to hear from you again.hic you crack me up just seeing that photo makes me laugh uni was not the same after you left .

cheers gav a tron

ken said...

yo sam, cool drawing, would be nice seeing this as 3d model :D

Rebecca Barnett said...

yes it is i! Howdy sambo! likin your stuff, nice website too :)
Found any ruby's yet?


Kevin Dalton said...

niceee man can't wait to see how this guy looks when u put yer skilled to him.