Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is my latest model, he is called chase. He is a character I came up with and designed. I felt I needed something like a soldier in my reel so I started designing a "spriggan" style boy soldier. you can see the early design sketch on my blog (its pretty rough)

He is still a work in progress , I still have the hair and wrist armour to do. After the poly modeling I'll take him in to zbrush to add detail.

c&c welcome


Gavin said...

Looks good bigcheese

i watched some bits of final fantasy children film. God thats fukkin horrendous film. So bad.
Check youtube a guys dubbed over it - funny shit like.

So is this high-res polys in maya?



Sam Rowan said...

Ill be rendering him out him out in maya but all the modeling was done in modo. he is pretty hi res now thanks to all the nut and bolt come detailing

ken said...

yo this is looking good mate, cant wait to see it finished! Whats Modo by the way?

Ken :D

Gavin said...

Ken Modo is a zen-state of mind that means you can transcend the computer screen and model with photoplasmic energy from your pores. Its really cool. But it takes ages to master.

are u gonna texture him bigcheesus?

ken said...

wow, respect

Seans Work said...

howdy big c! cool model. I still want you to model one of my wee dudes one day, as long as you dont get real rich and forget about us. Holla at cha boy ya heard me.

klingatron said...

this is the type of stuff that i would expect from you mate. sci-fi manga with the Rowan twist. A gem for the reel mos def.

Evan Bonifacio said...

Koooool!.. really likin your models! plus ur paintings are lookin sweet still.

U makin these for a certain production or is that info indisclosable?

TIMIDEE said...

dope 3d goodness looks like a hardcore little dude.