Tuesday, February 07, 2006

old dude

this is a pretty new life drawing i did , i have tons rolled up in my room but i have not bothered to scan and photo them it will take ages aaahhhhhhh!!!!! but here is one anyway


Kristian Antonelli said...

mr rowan, such super fly drawings here...U gots hella skills Pal!
nice work keep em. comin.. I have tried to find a sculpyure class that wasn't a daytime affair,, but alas nuthin

OV! said...

nice stuff man. thanks for inviting me over. i really like those sculptures down below, nice weight and gestures. thanks for picking up the book, much appreciated.


Kipp Schell said...

nice man... good tone work! i wish i could do shadows like that... i just usually ruin my life drawings when i attempt that

St John Street said...

great life study !!!
thanks for the kind words and taking the time to stop by my spot it's appreciated

St John Street said...

Hey Sam I wish I did draw more than I breathe then I would actually be good but I'll keeep trying maybe one day thanks for the kind words hope your kool take it easy !!!

CarolineJarvis said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful gorgeous work! Can't wait to see more.

Glasgow eh.... what's there for 2D animation out that way? I'm a Canadian with Tavel Feva... my sister was in Glasgow but is now Wike teaching... would love to get out there and see the UK... and I'm hoping animation can get me there.


Carrrrrrrrroline (that's how you pronounce it right?)